[PICS] Lidl's latest special offers are a COMPLETE blast from the past

21st Jun 18 | News

Anyone with a sweet tooth will LOVE these

We always keep an eye on Lidl’s special offers from week to week to see what bargains we can get our hands on.

From cut price coffee machines and slow cookers to beach and garden accessories, there’s always great savings to be made.

This week’s special offers include some very retro sweets and it got us all nostalgic (and very hungry).

Included in the range are some of our favourites including the ever popular Dip Dab, Refresher sweets and Fruit Salads.

SWIZZLES Drumstick Lollies- Only €1.29

BARRATT Milk Teeth- Only 89c

BARRATT Softies Fruit Salad/Refreshers- Only 1.29

TAYTO Mighty Munch/Chipsticks/Skips/Rancheros Crisps- Only 2.00

HANNAH’S White Mice Only- €2.49

CANDY LAND Dip Dab- MULTI-BUY 4 FOR €1 (29c each)

BARRAT/CANDY LAND Sherbet Fountain/Refresher Roll/ Black Jack/Fruit Salad- MIX 'N' MATCH 4 FOR €1 (29c each)


BARRATT Dolly Mix- Only 89c


LOOK O LOOK Retro Sweet Selection- Only €1.79

SWIZZLES Refreshers- Only 99c

SWIZZLES Stinger Bar MULTI-BUY 10 FOR €1 (15c each)

These can be hard to get your hands on by times with only a handful of shops stocking some of these treats so we’ll definitely be picking some up with our next shop.

The full range is available in Lidl stores nationwide now!