Bank of Ireland customers experiencing SERIOUS issue with debit cards

21st Jun 18 | News

Many people at home and abroad have been unable to use their debit cards

Many Bank of Ireland customers are experiencing problems using their debit cards today at both ATM’s and in stores.

Customers have taken to social media to express their anger at having their debit cards declined in a variety of situations.



The issue isn’t just affecting people customers in Ireland, with many people abroad also facing difficulties.




The bank confirmed that some customers were “having intermittent issues” and that they were investigating the problem.

They also confirmed that credit cards are still operating correctly.


Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty said: “Bank of Ireland leaving customers high and dry again as ATM and point of sale transactions are failing for some.”

“Reports of Irish abroad who can’t pay hotel bills and are now in danger of missing their rights. Sort it out. This is happening all too often.”