Here's when the BEST of the weather will hit as heatwave is set to be HOTTER than expected

21st Jun 18 | News

Temperatures are set to soar to 31C!

It has been predicted that parts of Ireland hit 31C next week, as a new forecast has revealed the upcoming heatwave will be even hotter than expected.

A new weather chart shows that it will be hottest on the east coast – with the Carlow area expected to be hit. The rest of the country will be in the mid to late 20's. – which provides forecasts for countries all over the globe – has made the spectacular prediction that next Friday, June 29th will be the hottest day of the year.

Early predictions from Met Eireann for next week state:

"Warm or hot well into next week, with temperatures in the mid twenties, sometimes higher. Spells of hazy sunshine each day, but with the risk of some sea mist developing in some coastal areas and maybe a few thundery showers towards midweek."