[WATCH] French President Scolds Teenager Who Called Him By Nickname

19th Jun 18 | News

Do you think young people should have more respect for authority? 

A French teenager was on the end of a light verbal dressing down from French President Emmanuel Macron. 

The teenager was in the crowd and called out to the President using his nickname 'Manu'. President Macron was quick to set the young man straight about how he should have addressed him. 

'You call me Mr. President of the Republic or Mister, Ok? 

'Even if you want to lead a revolution one day, you've first got to earn a diploma and learn to put food on the table'


People have been quick to praise how the President handled the situation, noting his calm and encouraging approach at correcting the youngster. 



Unfortunatley it looks as though the kid is now being made fun of by his peers back in school