Woman dragged by car for 30 yards in TERRIFYING Dublin mugging

19th Jun 18 | News

Gardai and an ambulance were rushed straight to the scene.

A woman was dragged up to 30 yards along a road by a car during a mugging at Malahide Castle on Monday evening.

The woman, aged in her 40s, had her handbag snatched by a passing car at the Malahide tourist spot shortly after 5:30pm.

The handbag she was wearing got caught on the woman's arm and she was dragged for up to 30 yards by the car which had two men inside.

Gardai and an ambulance rushed to the scene shortly after.

A witness said the woman sustained bad bruising to her arm but was quickly aided by officials.

He told the Irish Mirror:

"A lady visiting Malahide Castle got her hand bag dragged from her shoulder but it snagged and she went along with it.

She was dragged from between 20 and 30 yards along the road by the car.

She suffered bad bruising and was clearly in shock but luckily the local park ranger was on the scene.

She was also quickly aided by a local lady and an A&E male nurse who happened to be visiting.

Gardai came shortly after along with an ambulance immediately after.

The woman was very brave, she was clearly in shock but cancelled her cards and everything straight away.

It was only her purse that got taken, everything else fell out."

Gardai are investigating the incident after the car fled from the scene.

A spokesperson told the Irish Mirror:

"At approximately 5.40pm on the 18 June a female in her 40s was walking towards the main gate at Malahide Castle when she was approached by a car.

The driver of the car grabbed her handbag dragging her to the ground. Car then fled the scene."