Met …ireann forecast BLISTERING weather ahead - and it's due A LOT sooner than you think

18th Jun 18 | News

Stock up on the factor 50!

The stunning June weather we were all enjoying took an almighty turn late last week but fear not, Met Éireann have said that we're in for a scorcher again!

Another mini heatwave is looking very likely this week with temperatures set to soar "well into the twenties".

Despite a few scattered showers over the next 24 hours, the national forecaster said "mainly dry settled weather is set to become established" by the middle of the week.


Misty in places this evening and for a time tonight, but generally dry. But drizzle and light rain will become fairly widespread later. Further hill and coastal fog also. Lowest temperatures of 9 to 12 C., in light variable or westerly breezes.


Damp and drizzly to start on Tuesday, with hill and coastal fog. But drying out gradually over east Munster and south Leinster, with some sunny breaks in places there in the afternoon. But further rain elsewhere, heavy in parts of Connacht and Ulster. Close and humid, Temperatures in the mid teens over northern areas, but high teens or even low twenties over more southern areas.


Tuesday night will be cloudy with rain. The rain will be quite continuous, and heavy in parts of the north and west for a while.

Wednesday: A cloudy start in the east with rain here for a while. Clearer and mainly dry conditions elsewhere will follow to all places with sunny spells. Then dry apart from isolated showers in the north. Becoming fresher with moderate westerly breezes.

Thursday: Mainly dry settled weather is set to become established. The day will be rather cloudy, but dry with light winds. Temperatures will be in the mid to high teens.

Friday: A dry day countrywide with light variable winds. Variable cloud and warm sunny spells.

Weekend: Next weekend will be dry and fine with warm sunny weather prevailing. Inland temperatures are likely to get well into the twenties; fresher near coasts due to sea breezes.