HSE issue alert following case of HIGHLY contagious and dangerous disease

14th Jun 18 | News

Parents were urged to keep kids at home.

The Health Service Executive has confirmed that an investigation was launched late last week after a potentially serious strain of E coli was suspected in a baby in Laois.

The baby attends a busy community childcare facility in Mountmellick which was contacted by the Department of Public Health as part of its investigation.

The strain, called VTEC or verotoxigenic E coli, comes from contact with faeces of healthy farm animals. It can be spread through children's shared toys or during nappy changing. According to the Leinster express, it is understood that the child has since been diagnosed with the less dangerous E coli bacteria, which can cause vomiting and diahorrea.

The website reported that because it is so serious, even suspected cases require a mandatory investigation to be started by the Department of Public Health, with preventative measures in case it is diagnosed, to stop the spread of infection. 

The investigation included contacting the creche where the baby attended, Sonas Community Childcare Centre in Mountmellick last Friday June 8, to raise awareness among staff and parents and to ascertain if other children had exhibited similar symptoms.

The HSE told the leinster Express:

"This process begins prior to the diagnosis being confirmed, as the safety of young children is of paramount importance,"