URGENT warning to Irish renters as horrible scam is doing the rounds

21st May 18 | News

Be VERY careful!

If you're currently on the look-out for a place to rent in Dublin, be wary of a horrible new scam that's doing the rounds.

A scam artist is using a Dublin man's drivers licence and personal photos to rent properties that are unavailable. The Dublin man sent a copy of his drivers licence when trying to rent out a room, however it was subsequently used in a number of scams.

The scam artist was advertising a three-bedroom property in Wilfield Park, Dublin 4.

It has come to light because the man whose ID is being used has discovered his identity has been stolen and he has reported the crime to gardai.

He told the Independent.ie:

"That is a total scam. I have already reported it to the guards in Coolock.

This basically happened back in November when I answered an advert on Daft. I had a room I was renting and the person looking to rent wanted proof of my ID, so I sent my drivers licence. I soon realised that something was fishy."

Martin Clancy of Daft.ie said:

"We suggest in blog posts around security and also our safety tips we recommend that no one transfers money before viewing a property as this sounds very much like a 'long distance' landlord scam."