The smoking ban to be EXTENDED in Ireland

24th Apr 18 | News

Do you agree with this idea?

A proposal for the smoking ban to be extended in Ireland to include outdoor areas where food is served is being brought forward to the cabinet today.

Health Minister Simon Harris has been called on to change legislation after remarks from the former health minister that it should no longer be acceptable for people to smoke where others are eating.

Fine Gael Senator James Reilly said:

"While our smoking ban was a really progressive move and lauded internationally, unfortunately one of the unintended consequences has been the prevalence of smokers in the outdoor areas of bars, cafés and restaurants.

This means that nobody can enjoy a meal outdoors on a sunny day in this country, without having to inhale other people’s smoke.

Anyone spending their hard earned money in a restaurant or café should be entitled to enjoy their meal in a smoke free environment.

Unfortunately the prevalence of smoke can ruin the experience for non-smokers. There is no reason why this situation should be forced upon non-smokers and it is time that we moved to protect them."