Gemma Collins could face legal action over THESE pictures

20th Apr 18 | Fashion

She has been accused of editing the images

Gemma Collins could be facing legal action over some recent images she used to promote her clothing line, Gemma Collins Collection.

The bubbly blonde has been accused of photoshopping her head onto another person’s body.

According to the Daily Star, Katie Green claims the original images are of her and she reportedly said she never gave Gemma or her brand permission to use them.

As a result Katie is considering taking legal action for copyright infringement against the TOWIE star.

A source close to the model told the Daily Star: “She’s furious and thinks it’s a total infringement. It’s a terribly bad Photoshop. A child could see it’s a fake.”

“You can tell they’ve just stuck Gemma’s head on Katie’s body. In the photos her legs are shorter and wider, her body is wider. Even her hands are wider.’ They added: ‘You can still tell it’s Katie though. It’s her hands, shoes and her poses.”

The pictures were supposedly taken by someone working for Lily Limited over the past six weeks.

They featured in a fashion book for a womenswear wholesaler which supplies the Gemma Collins Collection.

According to the fashion book, as part of the deal the collection can use the images on their website on the condition they are ‘unedited and unaltered.

A spokesperson for Gemma Collins told "The images were used in good faith by Gemma. An external firm assured her that they owned the copyright and had commissioned the shoots."