Irish Teenager ARRESTED after school receives two terror threats

20th Apr 18 | News

Gardai were quick to arrest the teen

A 15 year old Irish teenager has been arrested by Gardai after he made a terror threat to a South Dublin school.

The boy reportedly made two calls to emergency services and explained plans to blow up the building on behalf of terrorist group Isil.

A senior source told the "In the 999 calls, he claimed he was going to blow up the school, that he was armed with a knife and he was going to slit throats in the school."

"He claimed he was working on behalf of terror organisation Isil, which was obviously a course of major concern."

Armed Gardai arrived on the scene at approximately 1.40pm yesterday and the teenage boy was arrested and taken to Sundrive Road Garda Station.

His phone was seized and his home was searched but Gardai do not believe he has any links to the terrorist group.

He has since been released without charge and it is not known what action the school will take against the pupil.

He may be referred to a Garda Juvenile Diversion Programme if deemed suitable.