[PIC] The number one biscuit for dunking in your tea has been revealed - but do YOU agree?

18th Apr 18 | News

Let's be honest - for most of us tea breaks wouldn't be the same without the dunkable treat on the side! Is tea even tea without that delicious biscuit? 

The Irish past-time of dunking that biscuit in your tea has become somewhat of an art - and something that many of us have mastered from years of practice.

Any seasoned tea drinker will know that leaving the biscuit in for too long will result in that soul crushing moment of a sunken half. Too short and you might aswell be eating the biscuit straight from the packet.

To celebrate National Tea Day this week (April 21st by the way, jot it in the diary) Wren Kitchens in the UK decided to put the biscuits to the dunk test:

The results showed:


1. Chocolate bourbon - 2 mins, 39 secs

2. Shortbread - 1 min, 20 secs

3. Jammie Dodger - 1 min, 8 secs


1. Hobnob - 15 secs

2. Malted milk - 20 secs

3. Ginger nut - 32 secs 

We've decided to ask you for ourselves, what is Ireland's favourite biscuit for dunking? Rich Tea, Chocolate Digestive, Bourbon, Custard Cream? Have your say below: