Ireland facing COLDEST Easter for a decade as ‘Grandson of the Beast’ approaches

24th Mar 18 | News

Oh no…

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of the bad weather, Met Eireann has given us the news we’ve all been dreading.

After the arctic conditions of the ‘Beast from the East’ at the beginning of the month and the snow on St. Patrick’s Day, we are now being warned that the ‘Grandson of the Beast’ will hit over Easter.

Although it seems mild now, Met Eireann is warning of icy conditions over the Easter bank holiday which would be the third period of cold weather in just four weeks to hit Ireland.

And there is a chance that if the ‘Grandson of the Beast’ hits, it will be the coldest Easter in a decade.

Conditions are due to remain mild over the weekend and early next week with temperatures set to take a sharp dip on Wednesday with a chance of wintry showers in places and frosty conditions.

As it is too early to accurately predict what conditions to expect over Easter, we’ll have to keep a close eye on this one over the next week.