[PIC] Penneys are set to sell their most sought after product EVER

16th Mar 18 | News

This is going to be the ULTIMATE phenomenon - will you be buying one?

Last year shoppers went absolutely MAD for Disney products from Penneys - and our favourite bargain chain has just upped the anty!

2017 saw stores accross the UK and Ireland witness a mass hysteria after the release of their range of Beauty and the Beast merchandise - including everyone's favourite teacup, 'Chip'.

Consumers and Disney lovers alike were paying up to five times the price on eBay to get their hands on the elusive Disney memorabilia - it's crazy, we know!

However, Primark have since responded to the Chipgate storm by creating a SECOND version of everyones favourite teacup - Chip 2.0.

The new mug, which costs €7, will be hitting shelves in Penneys next week!

Race you there!!