More than 100,000 Irish mobile customers to experience DISRUPTION in the next week

16th Mar 18 | News

Many people will experience disruption next week

More than 100,000 Irish mobile phone customers might experience delays to their service over the next few days as technical updates are carried out.

According to the, the country’s biggest mobile phone operator Vodafone, has warned that the technical updates will mean that customers won’t be able to add data to packages for four days starting on Thursday March 22nd.

As a result, many customers may be cut off from services like Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook.

Anyone with existing data allowances will be unaffected by the disruption.

Customers will also be unable to opt into its ‘Red Roaming’ service, which significantly reduces the cost of roaming in the US, while the updates are taking place.

Vodafone are asking customers to opt into ‘Red Roaming’ prior to the disruption if they are planning on flying to the US.

Other services such as purchasing add-ons within the app or accessing the ‘My Vodafone’ service will be disrupted from the 22nd.

A Vodafone service message read: “You will not be able to purchase additional data during the update process, this includes instant data bundles.”

“During this time you'll be able to call, text and use data on your phone as usual. However, requests for additional services will be restricted. During the short period while we are updating our systems, you will not be able to track your usage on our website or the app.”

“If you are travelling during this period, please ensure you opt in to Red Roaming before Wednesday, March 21. Visit our website for further information on our Red Roaming service.”