Warning issued to parents about POPULAR head lice treatments

14th Mar 18 | News

The lotions can cause serious burns

Popular head lice lotions that are used to treat children with infestations have been found to be highly flammable and could cause serious burns.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority in the UK has now issued an alert to pharmacists over three brands and parents are being asked to be extra careful around the products.

Experts told the Sun that just being close enough to a cigarette even after the lotion is washed out of the hair, would be enough for the hair to catch fire.

Some lotions contain flammable liquid that help kill lice.

And although many products display warnings, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority reckon parents are not aware of the dangers.

At least ten British people have had serious burns in the last 10 years after their heads caught fire due to using head lice lotion.

Eight people were injured after using the popular brand Hedrin and two more were injured after using Full Marks and NYDA.

One woman was left scarred for life after bending down to adjust a gas fire.