Pest control was called to THIS Irish hospital over 120 times last year

14th Mar 18 | News

Oh dear…

Pest controllers treated Cork University Hospital over 120 times last year for insect and rodent infestations.

According the Irish Mirror, the hospital spent over €30,000 on pest control in the past year.

In information retrieved under the Freedom of Information Act, the publication reports that rodent activity was found in the sink area of the chemotherapy suite as well as in a tearoom of an oncology unit.

Insects were detected in neonatal respiratory room, a blood room and a wound-care unit.

Among the insects found were Silverfish, an insect that can feed on dead hair and skin. These were persistently found in the maternity unit.

An ant infestation was dealt with during the summer after they invaded a blood room, a neonatal respiratory room, staff toilets in the old nurses’ home, a disabled toilet near the dental hospital, in the hospital library and a Ladybird ward which looks after patients under18 months of age.

Drain flies were also found in a toilet on the radiotherapy ward.