FSAI issue URGENT product recall on popular diet supplements

8th Mar 18 | News

The supplements can pose a serious threat to anyone who consumes them

The Food Safety authority of Ireland has issued an urgent recall on a range of diet supplements from Falcon Labs.

The supplements pose a serious threat to anyone who consumes them and could lead to a heart attack.

The FSAI released the product recall after they found the supplements to contain illegal steroids and stimulants that render the products ‘unfit for human consumption’.

All Falcon Labs products with all batch codes and best before dates are being recalled from shops and people who have purchased them.

Any business, including online businesses, who are selling the product has been told to remove them from the shelves immediately and contact their supervising environmental health officer.

Food safety chiefs found 1,3 Dimethylamylamine in two Falcon Labs products and have said they cannot be confident that ANY Falcon Labs products are safe to consume.

The FSAI warned: “Consumption of 1,3-DMAA can cause an acute temporary increase in blood pressure, which may lead to shortness of breath, tightening of the chest and the risk of heart attack or cerebral haemorrhage.”

Methasterone was also found in another Falcon Labs product: “Methasterone is considered hepatotoxic and has been associated with a number of cases of cholestatic liver injury.

They continued: “1,3-DMAA was previously authorised as a nasal decongestant, but later withdrawn from the market. Methasterone is an orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid, which has never been authorised as a medicine, but has been previously sold on the black market under the name Superdrol.”

“Furthermore, the business address printed on the product label and on supplier invoices are not genuine. As it is not known where the products are manufactured, the FSAI cannot have confidence that any Falcon Labs product is safe to consume.”

Anyone who has taken these products and is feeling poorly should see their doctor immediately.