Bank of Ireland apologises to customers over money MISSING from accounts

8th Mar 18 | News

Were you affected?

Bank of Ireland has issued an apology to their customers after a “technical processing issue" resulted in cash vanishing from customer's accounts.

Yesterday, a number of agitated customers took to social media to ask the bank why transactions including wages and other payments missing from their accounts.

One Twitter user wrote:

"Yesterday i was credited with my wages. This morning they were not existent. I called this morning to which i was told there was a technical fault and would be amended by this afternoon. Still no wages. Would like some info,”

Another posted:

“Money was transferred to my account yesterday and recorded when I looked online and not in my account today. When will this be sorted I was promised by 5pm and my mortgage comes out tomorrow?,"

A spokesperson for Bank of Ireland explained:

“A process issue resulted in some customers not seeing all transactions reflected in real-time in their accounts. This issue has now been resolved, however we sincerely apologise to customers for the inconvenience,”