40,000 Irish mobile customers URGED to SWITCH networks by next month

7th Mar 18 | News

The network is urging customers to switch as soon as possible

40,000 Irish iD Mobile customers are being urged to change their network as soon as possible before it shuts down.

Three years after it launched in Ireland, the Mobile network will cease to operate on 6th April 2018 after falling into financial distress.

The company, who is owned by Dixon’s Carphone, was put up for sale last year but failed to attract a buyer and yesterday, the High Court appointed a provisional liquidator to oversee the closure of the company.

Customers of the network have been urged to change provider before April 6th in order to keep their number.

According to the Irish Sun, the company have warned that customers may not be able to make or receive calls, texts or use data after this date if they fail to change provider.

As well as this, they say customers may be unable to switch their phone number to another network after this date.

Bills will not be issued for the iD network after April 6th, but if there are any outstanding charges on your account the liquidator will be in touch.

Anyone who bought a handset from iD Mobile since May 2016 should be able to change network immediately as the phone should not be locked to the iD network, but anyone with handsets purchased prior to May 2016 might be required to unlock their phone first.

The iD network runs as a ‘mobile virtual network operator’, meaning they don’t actually have their own network, but work off another’s with iD Mobile uses Three’s network.