Ireland warned about NEW incoming storm dubbed 'Pest from the West'

7th Mar 18 | News

Oh no...

Just when we thought Ireland was over the worst of the weather, there's now ANOTHER storm on the horizon - and forecasters are predicting it to be a wild one.

Dubbed 'The Pest from the West', the storm is set to arrive this friday with forecasters predicting heavy rainfall and high winds from 60kmph to 100kmph.

With a significant rise in temperatures, heavy snow is unlikely - however there is an increased risk of flooding - due to 5 to 10mm of rainfall over the weekend.

Met Eireann have yet to release any weather warnings but people in Ireland should be advised to play close attention to this week's weather forecasts.

Here is what Met Eireann's website forecasts for the weekend ahead:


It looks like rain will move up from the south in milder air. However, it may stay cold in the west and north with sleet or snow for a time, but nothing comparable to the recent episode. 


Still some rain and sleet and possibly quite cold, but details are uncertain."