URGENT product recall issued for THOUSANDS of kettles

5th Mar 18 | News

Whirlpool have issued an urgent product recall for a line of KitchenAid kettles after it was found that the handle could fall off and potentially cause you to burn yourself.

The affected kettles were made during a four year period - from January 2013 to June 2017.

According to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission:

"Whirlpool Corporation and its KitchenAid brand is carrying out a voluntary safety campaign involving its ‘KitchenAid electric 1.7L kettle’.

The reason for this field action is that Whirlpool believes the handle of the KitchenAid kettle can, in rare circumstances, separate from the upper attachment points to the kettle’s body and become unstable.

It is estimated that 1400 units of this product has been distributed on the Irish market. Kettle colours include: Red, Black, Silver and White/Cream. The range of affected serial numbers are presented in Image 2 below.

What to do:

First, you should try to identify whether your product is amongst the impacted models and serial number ranges that are affected by this safety campaign (See Image 3 above). If you are unsure, you can contact Whirlpool on toll free number 1800200334 or alternatively log onto www.repair.whirlpool.com.

If you find that your appliance is impacted by this safety campaign (i.e. the model and serial number matches the range affected) then you should stop using the product immediately and contact KitchenAid’s Consumer Care for further instructions. Whirlpool Corporation and its brand “KitchenAid” will replace the kettle for consumers at no cost to the consumer."