A WEEK LONG weather advisory has been issued for the ENTIRE country

23rd Feb 18 | News

The weather over the next week is predicted to be some of the WORST in several years

Met Eireann have issued a week long status yellow weather advisory for the entire country with forecasters expecting some of the coldest weather in the past seven years.

The national meteorological service issued the status yellow advisory for ‘exceptionally cold weather’ for the entire country earlier today.

The advisory came into effect at 12.07pm today and will remain in place until next Friday March 2nd at 12pm.

Met Eireann are warning of ‘significant wind chill and severe frost’ with ‘disruptive snow showers’ expected from Tuesday onwards.

And they also stated that although it is just an advisory at the moment, a warning cold be issued closer to the event.



The cold snap is set to bring us some of the most bitterly cold weather in several years with Met Eireann attributing it to Sudden Stratospheric Warming.



According to Met Eireann, It will turn ‘progressively colder’ from Tuesday onwards and temperatures are not expected to rise above 0C during the day by late next week.