Mum issues URGENT warning after 8 year old daughter racks up €2,000 bill

12th Feb 18 | News

Let this be a lesson!

A mum has issued an urgent warning to other parents to be wary after her daughter racked up a €2,000 iTunes bill in just a matter of weeks.

Mum Liz made the fatal error of giving her 8 year old daughter the password for her iTunes account -  letting her clock up €2,000 in downloads.

Liz told Mamamia:

"We had given her the iTunes password and come the end of January, the end of school holidays , we get the American Express bill.

And my husband finds a $3300-odd iTunes bill charged.

When I dug into it I discovered our eight-year-old had been downloading gems via her game.

Basically, because she had the iTunes password, every time it asked her if she wanted to buy more gems, she'd just buy more gems.

She was racking up like $150 at a time. The transactions had been going on over the entire school holidays.

When we finally found out about it, she was off devices for a considerable period of time."

At no point has iTunes tried to warn the account owner of the activity prior to sending them the invoice.