The TOP baby names for 2018 have been revealed

12th Feb 18 | News

And there’s a very Irish name at the top of the list!

We’re a little bit obsessed with baby names here at HQ and when we saw lists of the most anticipated baby names for 2018 were released we had to have a look.

Website, babygaga have compiled a list of the top baby names for both boys and girls for the year ahead and a very familiar Irish name has topped the boys’ list.

The Irish moniker Finn, a varient of Fionn topped the list and is predicted to be hugely popular in 2018.

So if you have a little one on the way or are just curious to see what names you can expect to hear more of this year, then take a look below!


20. Isaac

19. Jasper

18. Kai

17. Lucas

16. Hunter

15. Joseph

14. Logan

13. Brandon

12. Christopher

11. Daniel

10. Alexander

9. Adam

8. Corin

7. Dylan

6. Reuben

5. Theodore

4. Oliver

3. Atticus

2. Jack 

1. Finn



20. Stella

19. Harper

18. Amelia

17. Zoe

16. Nora

15. Scarlett

14. Aurora

13. Rylie

12. Luna

11. Natalie

10. Hazel

9. Ellie

8. Victoria

7. Penelope

6. Savannah

5. Kennedy

4. Violet

3. Sadie

2. Charlotte

1. Emma