Britain’s Got Talent winner ASSAULTED in broad daylight

22nd Jan 18 | News

The singer was attacked while he was out shopping

Britain’s Got Talent winner Jamie Lambert, who is a member of boyband Collabro, has been brutally assaulted in a mugging.

Jamie was left with a broken nose and two black eyes after he was attacked by a gang in London last Wednesday.

Jamie revealed the attackers also wore brass knuckles during their attempt to rob him in broad daylight while he was out shopping with his friend.

Speaking to The Sun Jamie said: “I’m just recovering from the shock. It’s obviously not very nice. I’ve got a broken nose which is healing and I’m shaken but it could have been a lot worse.”



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He continued: “They asked me to hand over their belongings and I said, because we were in a busy street, ‘Are you mad?’”

“And they tried to pull me into alley and I pulled away and they broke my nose with something like brass knuckles under a glove. It was some kind of weapon. I’m not allowed to say too much about it. The police are looking for them.”

Despite the horrific attack, Jamie is thankful it wasn’t worse.

“They left empty handed. I think I got off quite well actually. It’s the first ever bone I’ve ever broken and my sister is a doctor. I also worked in hospitals for a very long time before Collabro so the physical aspect of things didn’t phase me.”

“It’s not so much the physical injury side but the mental side that gets you after. If I turn up at a gig with a bandaged nose and black eyes you will know why.”

After much concern from his fans, Jamie took to Twitter to let everyone know he was doing fine and was just taking some time to recover.