WARNING: Netflix customers BEWARE of latest scam doing the rounds

15th Jan 18 | News

If you have a Netflix account you might be at risk of falling prey to a new scam!

Customers are being fooled into updating their card details after receiving a very sophisticated email stating how a payment has been declined.

Within the fake email, customers are urged to update their payment details by clicking on an ‘update payment’ button.

This is what the email looks like:

Netflix have issued a statement on the matter:

"If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email or text message that appears to be from Netflix, follow these tips to keep your information safe and secure, and follow the steps below to report the message.

Never enter your login or financial details after following a link in an email or text message.

Never click on any links or open any attachments in an email or text message you received unexpectedly, regardless of the source.

If you suspect an email or text message is not from Netflix, do not reply to it.”