Man JAILED after being caught with SECOND wife on Ant and Decís Saturday Night Takeaway

11th Jan 18 | News

The bigamist was caught out during an appearance on the show

You expect to see some strange things when watching Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, but your husband with his second wife is not one of them…

But that’s exactly what Helen Gundry saw when she tuned into an episode of the popular entertainment show back in 2016.

Helen sat down with her daughter Daisy and son Alex to watch the show when they spotted Dan with second wife Susan during her sister's surprise wedding, which was a segment on that particular episode.

Despite initially denying that he had married Susan, Daniel eventually admitted to bigamy and was sentenced to six months in jail today (11th January 2018).

His first wife Helen told reporters after the sentencing that she was relieved the truth was finally out.

"He has been lying for a long time so I'm just glad that finally he's been found out."

Daniel married Helen back in 1998, they split in 2010 but never got a divorce and decided to give things another go in 2016.

Shortly after Daniel split from Helen in 2010 he met Susan and they married in the Seychelles with Daniel forging documents.

When Helen got back with Daniel she was completely unaware that he was still with Susan let alone actually married to her!

Back in 2016 Helen spoke to the Mirror and recalled the moment her and her children spotted Dan with Susan on the show: 

“It’s our favourite TV show. There was a secret wedding. All of a sudden I thought no, it can’t be. Dan was walking off a coach with Sue. I think I choked. Daisy yelped ‘Oh my god, it’s Dad, he’s with Sue’."

"I had to walk out so I didn’t break down. Daisy virtually collapsed, literally in shock. Alex had to hold her, she was shaking and crying. I came back downstairs and we just cuddled, I think we both went into shock. I don’t think I cried until the day after."

When both women discovered the truth, they reported him to the police and in the ultimate act of revenge the women are now best friends.