EXCLUSIVE: Xposé host Karen Koster has revealed some VERY exciting news

3rd Jan 18 | News

Congratulations are in order for our very own Karen Koster!

We’re all very excited here at Xposé.ie, to hear that our very own Karen Koster is pregnant with her third baby!

Karen and John are already parents to Finn (3) and JJ (21 months)

We caught up with Karen for an exclusive interview to talk all things baby…

Congratulations Karen! So how are you feeling?

“I’m very happy and very hormonal! It’s been a really magical Christmas thinking, Wow, we’re going to be a family of 5! The pregnancy has been more of a challenge this time though, probably with being older and having two kids already to run around after.”

Have you had any morning sickness or cravings this time?

“I haven’t really had any morning sickness this time, just a few days here and there. I’ve been craving Orange Juice (which I had on my first two) and a bit of a strange one… salt and vinegar crisps!”

When is baby No.3 due?

“Early June.”

Finn was born on New Year’s Eve and John James was born on Feb 29th. Is the baby due around any big occasions?

“Yes actually, our wedding anniversary is June 6th so there’s a chance the baby will be born on that day which would be pretty cool!”

Are you going to find out if you are having a boy or girl?

“No, I found out with Finn and JJ, so I just decided I’d like the surprise this time. I guess I’m more relaxed about the whole thing.”

How do the two boys get on together?

“They have a real love/hate relationship. Finn adores JJ and the close age gap (only 14 months) is really benefiting them now. They’re your typical boys though, hugging one minute and killing each other the next!”

Were you pregnant during the filming of ‘Mammy Guilt’, your upcoming TV3 documentary? Did it change the way you approached it?

“Yes, I had just discovered I was pregnant when we started filming. I think it definitely changed my approach. I was more emotional, more empathetic and I feel the Mums really opened up to me. I think being pregnant makes you more aware of people’s circumstances in general. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so I found myself welling up as they shared their stories”

How do you currently juggle being a working Mum and having two kids?

"Making the documentary series really helped me put it all in to perspective.

Obviously the logistics will change with a third baby, but right now, I just take it month to month really."

‘Mammy Guilt’ is coming to TV3 & 3player later this Season.