Irish footballer scores €1m lottery win

3rd Jan 18 | News

Irish football star Kevin O'Connor, who plays for Preston North End, won the Christmas ­Millionaire Raffle with a ticket from his godfather.

The 22 year old told The Irish Sun:

“It’s unreal. It’s unreal for my family. Obviously I wasn’t expecting it, they rang me yesterday morning and it was mad. You never expect it.

They rang me yesterday morning and they were like, ‘Look do you have your Lotto ticket still’. And I said, ‘Yeah, I think I have it downstairs somewhere’. They said, ‘OK look after it and we’ll ring you back’.

“So my girlfriend Chloe found it then but it was one of them things that I didn’t really believe until today. I was coming home anyway but that was a nice surprise to come home to.”

Kevin's Godfather bought the ticket in Flanagan’s Centra in Castlebridge, Co. Wexford on Thursday, 14th December.

His girlfriend Chloe O’Leary said the win was the icing on the cake following a successful year for the footballer.

She explained:

"I was minding the ticket when he was playing his match yesterday and had it in my bag stuck to my chest and everyone was like, ‘You love your bag today don’t you?’

He’s had a brilliant 2017 and this just topped it off.”