Meghan Markle left HURT by Queen痴 contentious request

21st Dec 17 | News

Oh dear…

Preparations are well under way for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding which is set to take place next May.

Meghan has moved to London to be closer to Harry and she even got an invite to the Queen’s Christmas lunch yesterday.

But it looks like there’s a bit of tension around the marriage already with Meghan left less than impressed by a contentious request from the Queen…

A source told Life and Style magazine that Meghan is ‘hurt’ at the Queen’s request for the couple to sign a prenuptial agreement.

According to the source Meghan is hurt “that it would even cross the Queen’s mind that she could have an ulterior motive for marrying Harry”.

And Harry isn’t too keen on signing the pre-nup either.

The source added: “Harry loves Meghan and will do anything for her.”

And the pair are planning on going all out for their big day with no expenses spared.

“Harry and Meghan aren’t holding back on anything. It will be a day of glitz and glamour!”