Safety experts issue WARNING to parents about childrenís toys ahead of Christmas

20th Dec 17 | News

Parents are being urged to check their children's toys for these important details this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, children all around the country are gearing up for a visit from Santa on the 24th December.

And although the kids will be eager to play with their toys, safety experts are urging parents to check them to make sure they are safe to use.

Aine Carroll from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission shred her top tips to ensure you and your children have a happy and safe Christmas.

She told the Irish Sun to make sure all toys have a CE mark as this proves they meet the required safety standards and only buy from reputable sources.

Although many people ignore age guidelines, Aine told the Sun that it is a good indicator as to whether or not a toy is safe for a child. Age guidelines should be consistent on packaging and instructions and any discrepancies could suggest that the toy has not actually passed safety standards.

Parents should also check battery compartments are secure and avoid mixing old and new batteries as well as different types of batteries.  

And her final tip is especially important to keep in mind- don’t buy cheap quality chargers.

Aine recommends buying chargers from a reputable retailer for all electronic items as poor quality chargers pose a greater fire/electrocution risk.

If the charger feels too light, comes with a 2 pin plug, or you notice anything odd about the product don’t buy it.

If you come across a toy that appears dangerous you can contact the CCPC.

Yesterday we revealed that popular kid’s toy Lil Frog & Lil Frog Lily Pad’s were recalled due to a design defect with the batteries which could cause a safety issue if the battery cap is removed.