William is set to MISS part of Harry’s wedding

19th Dec 17 | Weddings

Prince William is going to have to miss out on part of his brother's big day…

Prince Harry is set to wed Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle on the 19th of May but it looks like someone very important is already set to miss part of the day.

With the wedding due to take place the same day as the FA cup final, Harry’s brother William will have to leave the celebrations to head over to the football.

It’s not because he’s mad into football or anything, but rather that he is the president of the Football Association and presents the winning team with the trophy every year.

Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prince William will be able to attend both without too much hassle as the wedding is due to take place in the morning and the final isn’t kicking off until 5.30pm.

According to the Mirror William will just have to make a 23 mile journey from Windsor to the final on the 19th.

A statement read from Kensington Palace read: "We have not gone into the timing of the wedding but made it clear that the wedding and the FA Cup final will not clash.”

We imagine William will pop back to the wedding after the match is finished up- let’s hope he doesn’t miss the speeches!