Gardai urge parents NOT to buy this Christmas gift for their children

18th Dec 17 | News

Gardai have launched a campaign urging parents to not buy their children quad bikes and scramblers for Christmas.

According to Dublin Live, Gardai in Ballymun have issued leaflets around the area advising parents to be aware of their legal obligations if they choose to buy such gifts.

It reads:

"Did you know to drive on the Public Road (including foot paths & grassy areas), you are required to be taxed and insured?

You also require a driving licence & be over 16 years of age."

Dublin City councillor Noeleen Reilly said that parents should educate themselves more on the vehicles before purchasing them.

Noeleen told 98FM:

"It’s an issue around Ballymun, but especially around Christmas because people are getting them as gifts.

But certainly, it’s not something the vast majority of people in the community want at all. Even the noise of them, let alone any danger that could incur with them, but even just the noise of them really annoys so many people.

They seem to be designed to make as much noise as possible.

Around the last couple of Christmases there have been deaths from them, and we just don’t want any family to have to go through that again.

It’s welcome that the gardai have done this. Their powers are very limited when it comes to actually seizing them off roads, so I think the information campaign is to be welcomed.

Sometimes you see very very young children on them, and it beggars belief that anybody would allow their child on one of these things."

She added:

“Unfortunately, over the last number of Christmas periods young people have lost their lives as a result of accidents.

The gardaí are wisely asking parents to reconsider if they are thinking of buying one of these.

No one under the age of 16 should be in charge of one of these but that has not been the case.  Children as young as five have been seen driving these around estates.”