Appeal to bring young Irish teacher home after freak classroom accident in Dubai

15th Dec 17 | News

The family of a young Irish teacher on life-support in a Dubai hospital have set up a campaign to get her back to Ireland.

26 year old Aisling Brady, a Physics and Maths teacher from Trim, suffered three seizures, three cardiac arrests and a stroke after hitting her head hard on the floor in the school where she taught on November 27th.

The cause of the seizures and arrests was from “a pulmonary embolism which had formed in her leg over a long period of time, rushing up to her heart and eventually ending up caught in her lungs”.

Her boyfriend Kristian Mansfield has now set up a Go Fund Me campaign to bring her home. It’s hoped €80,000 can be raised to fly Aisling home to continue her treatment.

He said:

"This has caused serious damage to the brain and, combined with the total of twelve minutes of hypoxia, really left her cardio-vascular system and brain very, very weak.

We are extremely lucky to be able to start this page today, as just over two weeks ago we were given no hope.

If the ambulance was a minute later, we wouldn't be here."

 It’s hoped €80,000 can be raised to fly Aisling home to continue her treatment.

Krisitian explained:

"She will have a cardiac specialist, Neuro specialist, general doctor and nurses on-board, as well as a pre-mapped routes with potential emergency landing locations aligned."

You can donate to Bring Aisling Home here!