[POLL] How much is TOO much to spend on Christmas?

14th Dec 17 | News

With just two weeks to go until the big day, we’re asking, how much will you spend on Christmas? Take part in our poll below!  

Year after year, the excitement of Christmas sees many of us spend far more than we should on presents and entertaining the family!

On yesterday's This Morning, Mum of six Claire Young explained how she saves all year to spend £2000 of her benefits buying presents for her kids, while single mum of three Emma Tapping buys over 300 presents for her children each year.

Both of them will stop at absolutely nothing to give their kids what they want for Christmas.

Business group Retail Ireland expects that the average Irish household spends €2,654 in the run up to Christmas.

So we're asking, how much do you spend on Christmas? Take part in our poll below.