Irish woman shares thought-provoking video after seeing young homeless man outside her home

11th Dec 17 | News

Laura Pugh was left heartbroken when she spotted the man was shaking with the cold and soaked to the skin.

A young Irish woman has shared a thought-provoking message online after seeing a 26 year old homeless man soaked to the bone during bitterly cold temperatures in the capital.

Sharing a short clip of the man who was shaking with the cold, Laura Pugh explained how she went over to him at the weekend to give him clothes and food before noticing:

"His clothes were soaking, he was sitting on a wet sleeping bag and he had no socks on. This is not okay and we should not be seeing this in 2017

He is a person who deserves food and shelter. I am sharing this to spread awareness on how serious this is and to say that we can all help if we try."

Telling his story, Laura recalled:

 "I asked him how he was and he told me his story.

He dropped out of college a few years ago and was working for a while but then something happened that lead him to turn to alcohol. He went to rehab and tried to get help but when he came out of rehab he had no money, no family or support. There are friends he could reach out to but he doesn’t want to burden them."

Laura continued:

"My heart is bleeding for the homeless people on our streets in this weather. After I went over a couple came up to me and asked me what i had given him and they said they were going to bring him over clothes and food too. This is what humanity is all about.

It’s the season to be giving so let’s make an effort to be kind. We can try and make a difference to this disgraceful issue. if we help one person who is struggling on our streets that is better than doing nothing."

Want to get involved? Check out Focus Ireland's website here.