Shoppers are bidding THOUSANDS on eBay for this cheap toy from Aldi

29th Nov 17 | News

Did you recently buy this toy? It could be about to make you rich!

Two cuddly carrot toys worth €3.99 - who appear in Aldi's hit 2017 Christmas advert - are taking the internet by storm this week as they are going for thousands on eBay!

The cute veggies flew off the shelves last week and now a clever opportunist has decided to try flog his Kevin and Katie carrots online with bids now at more than €3,500!

Ahead of the toys' much anticipated release last week, the popular discount chain wrote on social media:

“There will be a significant increase versus last year in the number of soft toys available in each store.

There will be a limit to three of each variant per customer.

But as with all of our Specialbuys, we only have limited numbers, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!”

Watch Aldi's 2017 Christmas advert below, starring Kevin and Katie: