[WATCH] Supermac's issue public appeal following THIS incident in their toilets

10th Nov 17 | News


Supermac's have issued a public appeal on Facebook in an effort to find the man who used their toilet facilities in the Galway branch.

Taking to social media, the Irish fast food restaurant chain said:

"Do you know this man? We'd like to speak to him."

Many people in the comment section of the video raised the question over the legality of having a CCTV camera in public bathrooms. However, the Data Protection Commissioner's website reveals the following:

"The location of cameras is a key consideration. Use of CCTV to monitor areas where individuals would have a reasonable expectation of privacy would be difficult to justify. Toilets and rest rooms are an obvious example. To justify use in such an area, a data controller would have to demonstrate that a pattern of security breaches had occurred in the area prior to the installation of the system such as would warrant constant electronic surveillance. Where such use can be justified, the CCTV cameras should never be capable of capturing images from cubicles or urinal areas."