John Lewis christmas advert RUINED by shop blunder

9th Nov 17 | News

Retail giant John Lewis is waiting to drop it's highly anticipated christmas advert - however, the star of this years creation has been spoiled AHEAD of it's premiere!

Earlier in the week John Lewis teased everyone with a short glimpse of the full advert, which is believed to be released this Friday.

The short clip, which was shared on Twitter, show a mysterious pair of eyes, alongside the hashtag #UnderTheBed and the eyes emoji.

However, eagle-eyed shoppers at the company’s store in east London, spotted a HUGE blunder on Tuesday. A cuddly toy version of the monster is already available to purchase for £20 - ruining the surprise for millions of excited customers.

The shopper told the Sun:

“I’ve seen the #underthebed hashtag and trailers. I thought it had to be character from the adverts.

When I went in to the same shop later the monsters had been completely removed from sale.

I had a little chuckle to myself because I realised someone must have made a big mistake."