WARNING: Irish WhatsApp users targetted by DANGEROUS new scam

8th Nov 17 | News

If you receive this message - delete it IMMEDIATELY!

Thousands of Irish WhatsApp users across Ireland and the UK are bring urged to ignore any messages that boast cash giveaways by the retail group Argos.

Scammers have taken control of the popular messaging app to trick people into declaring their personal details. Similar messages have also appeared on UK phones from stores including Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Aldi.

Although the messages look like they've been sent from an actual contact, the recipient name is FAKE and designed to trick you into clicking on the URL to claim the alleged voucher.

The Argos message, which began spreading across Irish phones earlier this week, claims that the retail group is giving away €500 vouchers to celebrate it’s 31st anniversary. It then invites users to follow a link which appears to link to argos.com.

An easy way to spot if the message is phoney is the spelling and grammar mistakes - "Enjoy and thanks me later", for example.