Five Irish dental surgeries CLOSED following health scare

6th Oct 17 | News

An investigation into the incident has been launched

Five dental surgeries at the HSE’s dental clinic in Ennis, Co.Clare have been closed following a health scare involving drain cleaning fluid.

The HSE has launched a full investigation into the incident and 5 of the 6 surgeries on site have been closed while the HSE makes contact with the parents of 43 children who are believed to have had treatment in the clinic on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Irish Mirror, the HSE has confirmed it is undertaking “corrective action” after drain cleaning fluid, rather than dental product, was supposedly mixed with water and used on patients at the Dental Clinic at Bindon Street in Ennis.

A number of children have received medical treatment while others have reported feeling unwell.

A HSE spokesperson told the Irish Mirror: “HSE Mid West Community Healthcare is currently in contact with the parents of up to 43 children to establish if they were affected by an apparent problem at the HSE Dental Clinic in Bindon St Ennis Co. Clare.”

“The incident is believed to have occurred on Wednesday (4th) and continued until it was detected on Thursday 5th. Early indications, yet to be confirmed, suggest that a drain cleaning product got mixed with the water used during treatment when normally the water would be mixed with an approved dental product.”

The clinic hopes to be back in operation by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

HSE Mid West Chief Officer Bernard Gloster said: “This is so regrettable and unfortunate. I want to apologise for any concern or upset caused to the children and their families.”

"We are taking all of the necessary steps to ensure they are supported and have adequate information. We will be conducting a full review to establish all of the facts. I am grateful to all of our management staff and clinicians who worked very hard late into last night to respond to this incident.”