WARNING issued to Irish phone users about new SCAM

3rd Oct 17 | News

People are being urged to be vigilant of a new scam doing the rounds...

Irish phone users are being warned about a new scam doing the rounds.

Many phone users have been receiving calls from unknown numbers and Ireland’s communications regulator ComReg has warned people to avoid answering any calls from an unrecognised number.

People have reported an increase in calls from numbers beginning with +676 (Tonga), +674 (Nauru), +248 (Seychelles), +235 (Chad) and +222 (Mauritania).

Calls from these numbers may be of high risk and people are being urged to block the number immediately if they receive a call from them.

Some people have reported that the calls come in at similar times of the day and ring for a short time before hanging up.

Some people also received voicemails from the unknown numbers.

ComReg are advising people to take care before calling any unknown number back as it might result in charges.

They are also advising people to hang up when there appears to be no one on the other end of the line as well as not calling back any number that leaves you a blank voicemail.

Most importantly, they are urging everyone to not provide any personal information, including your credit card details or address, to anyone that calls from these numbers.