Ryanair have found a NEW way to make you mad

6th Sep 17 | News

The budget airline are cutting back on baggage allowance

Looks like its time to start wearing a really big jacket with a lot of pockets on Ryanair flights.

The airline, known for its controversial policies, are about to reduce the number of carry on bags from 2 to 1.

Where previously you could could carry on one standard bag as cabin luggage and a seperate small handheld bag that is soon to be stopped. 


You will now have to check in your 10kg carry on bag. While no extra charge will be incurred for this, it is still bound to infuriate passengers. This will only affect 'Non-Priority' customers and is aimed at reduced the amount of baggage being stored in the cabin. You can purchase a Priority pass for as little as €5 if you feel the need to have your bag with you.


You will no longer be able to run straight off the plane and into a taxi! On the upside you'll get to reacquaint yourself with baggage halls all over Europe!  You could always go full Joey Tribiani and wear all the clothes you need at once!  


Ryanair said the reason for this change of policy was passengers where starting to abuse the kindest extended to them. This was causing delays which was starting to cost the company money. Ryanair, as we all know, are not in the habit of losing money and secretly we all love them for it!

Again Priority boarding passengers can bring two bags onboard, other customers can still bring two bags and one must go in the hold free of charge.