In a bizarre twist of the weather Met …ireann forecast SEARING temperatures ahead

16th Oct 18 | News

We didn't see this coming...

After Storm Callum battered the nation last week, Met Eireann have said that temperatures are set to soar to 18C over the next couple of days and lasting right into the weekend - VERY unusual weather for this time of the year!

According to the national forecaster:

"Becoming milder this weekend, but with a good deal of cloud overall. Higher pressures over the south and southeast will ensure that the best of the drier and brighter weather will be in these areas, with dull and damp conditions with patchy rain and drizzle more prevalent further north and west.

Daytime highs will range 14 to 18 degrees with a mild night signalled on Saturday night. Winds will be mainly light to moderate southwesterly in direction."

However, it looks like temperatures are set to drop slightly again as we head into next week.

"Cooler but somewhat sunnier conditions than the weekend are signalled for early next week with winds turning around to the northwest."

Better start making those weekend plans!