You can now stay in an enormous sandcastle on a New York beach

21st Aug 19 | Lifestyle

We know New York real estate is expensive, but this is getting out of hand…


Calling beach bums everywhere: Abandon your bucket and set aside your spade because the sandcastle singularity has been reached, and it’s an 18 by 18ft monster punters can rent for a sleepover.

Opening to the public for two nights only, the custom-built castle goes live on at 17:00 BST on Thursday, August 22, offering stays on August 23 and 24. sandcastle

At roughly 8ft tall, the sand-sion (sorry, we’re so sorry) contains nearly 100 tons of sand, and is located at Luna Park, Coney Island, just a short way from Manhattan.

The project has been built by self-described ‘sandman’ Matt Long, a veteran sand sculpter and two-time cast member on Travel Channel reality show, Sand Masters. His previous creations include bald eagles, musical instruments, sand dragons, and a giant bust of John Lennon. sandcastle

Even the most ardent seasider will admit sand has its place, and we can assure would-be guests that the beach stops at the front door.

The TARDIS-like interior squeezes in a double-bed, a shower and industrial-strength air conditioning, protected by makeshift masonry and a mock-wooden floor. sandcastle

In honour of the 29th Annual Coney Island Beach Sand Sculpture Competition (which, in case you were wondering, is not only real, but draws about 10,000 spectators a year), guests will pay $29 (£24) for an overnight stay.

Included in your ticket is a romantic dinner on Coney Island Boardwalk, and sunrise yoga on the beach.

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