Tried and tested: Here’s our verdict on the new deep-fried vegan Magnum from Halo Burger

19th Aug 19 | Lifestyle

Can a vegan dessert truly be decadent? Apparently so, finds Ella Walker.


Vegans are regularly short changed when it comes to ordering pudding. The dairy-laden cheesecake is off-limits, the ice cream selection is all cow-based, the cheese board is in no way a possibility, and anything featuring chocolate only works if it’s 70% cocoa solids. Fruit salad it is then… sigh.

It’s a state of affairs plant-based fast food restaurant Halo Burger, in Brixton south London, could bear no longer, and so, they’ve brought us the deep-fried vegan Magnum.

So, what is it?

Halo take a vegan Magnum – which is totally plant-based, from the smooth ice cream interior to the hard chocolate shell (we have pea-protein wizardry to thank, apparently) – and dunk it in a batter of crushed biscuits and cornflakes. Then they smother it in maple syrup, and deep-fry it, before drizzling it with hot (vegan) chocolate sauce.

Are there different flavours?

Not currently, however, there are two camps when it comes to how you eat it: First, there are those who prefer theirs straight out of the fryer, so the exterior is hot and crisp, and the warm chocolate sauce contrasts starkly with the still-almost-solid ice cream in the middle.

Deep fried vegan ice creams (Ella Walker/PA)
Deep fried vegan Magnums (Ella Walker/PA)

Second, there are those who’d rather let theirs sit a little, so the batter becomes slightly chewy and mushy (in a good way), the chocolate mellows, and the ice cream inside melts and oozes.

Having tried both (for serious journalism purposes), we’re in the second camp. However, whichever you fall into, you’ll need a fork. It’s just too heavy to be eaten like a normal ice cream on a stick.

Is everything on the Halo Burger menu vegan?

Yep, even the cheese – which is some feat. Vegan cheese is often a poor imitation of the real thing, but order the completely vegan Halo burger and the classic orange slice of burger cheese is indistinguishable from the ‘plastic’ cheese dished up in your standard burger joint. It’s genuinely quite astonishing.

Ella's happily decimated deep-fried cie creams (Ella Walker/PA)
Ella’s happily decimated deep-fried ice creams (Ella Walker/PA)

Our verdict

While a traditional deep-fried Mars bar is generally teeth-rottingly sickly-sweet and greasy with it, somehow Halo’s Magnum creation avoids both – in fact, it’s really moreish. You won’t struggle to get through one at all.

The coating has bite, and the maple syrup gives it a honeyed depth, while even sworn anti-vegans will struggle to tell the difference between the velvety ice cream and its dairy-based sibling. Our only criticism? It’s a bit messy. But really, when it’s this heavenly, we couldn’t care less.

Where can we find it?

Halo Burger is located at Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London, SW9 8PQ. Visit

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