Video: These high-intensity exercises are how ex-England rugby player James Haskell stays in shape

16th Aug 19 | Lifestyle

The 34-year-old sportsman recently opened up a branch of cult gym F45 in Bath.


It’s hard to miss the meteoric rise of F45, as the Australian workout now has dedicated gyms all over the world. Everyone from Hugh Jackman to Mark Wahlberg love this way of exercising, which mixes circuits and HIIT workouts to really make you sweat.

Former English rugby player James Haskell has also fallen for F45’s charms – so much so that he’s recently opened a studio in Bath. He only retired from professional rugby in May of this year, but it’s not like he’s letting his fitness slip in any way.

For Haskell, high-intensity exercises are key to staying in shape, and here are some of his favourites you can do yourself…

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