Video: How to make and cook an ostrich scotch egg on the BBQ

12th Jul 19 | Lifestyle

Here’s how to impress at your next summer gathering.


You’re au fait with veg skewers, chicken drumsticks and the obligatory bangers and burgers, but how about really pushing yourself when it comes to what goes on the grill at your next barbecue?

BBQ experts Weber are offering special edition Wild Cuts classes at their Grill Academy, London, dishing up some far more interesting al fresco fare, namely alpaca kebabs, ostrich scotch eggs, wagyu steak, wild boar burgers and roasted bone marrow.

Dan Cooper, head grill master at Weber said: “While burgers and sausages will always be a BBQ staple, more and more of us are looking to experiment with more unusual flavours.”

Can’t get along to a session in person? Follow this video for perfect ostrich scotch eggs at home…

Weber is hosting a Wild Cuts special edition masterclass on July 19. Tickets £135 per person. Visit to book.

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