You can now buy asparagus gin, but does it taste better than it sounds?

18th Jun 19 | Lifestyle

Claire Spreadbury puts the limited edition spirit to a taste test.


It’s asparagus season, and there’s no better time to ensure you’re stocking up on the delicious veggies – perfect with poached eggs or pea risotto.

But distillers, Hussingtree Gin, have gone a step further and used it as a botanical in one of their bottles of premium spirits.

They spent six months experimenting with the distilling process and complementary blends before being happy with the results, which have now been bottled in limited edition 35cl or 70cl options.

“Asparagus, when distilled, delivers an earthy, nutty-sweetness on the palate,” says Richard Meredith, distiller at Hussingtree Gin. “Our blend of botanicals, enhanced by local Droitwich brine salt during the distillation process, complement its characteristics beautifully.”

Hussingtree specialise in small runs using a traditional 150 litre alembic copper still, and they had initially anticipated this Asparagus Gin to be a short batch of a few hundred bottles. However, it’s proving pretty popular, so they’re making more.

Part of their gin-making process includes drying the botanicals, which means locally-grown asparagus can still be used later in the year, even after the season ends.

What does it taste like?

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On the nose, this gin is pretty whiffy, and not necessarily in a good way. There’s a definite whiff of green that after some scrutiny, we agreed smells something like asparagus.

On the taste, however, it’s almost lost.

Drank neat, it’s warm, toasty and viscous, but only one of our set of six tasters could recognise asparagus, and that was in the aftertaste.

Watered down with tonic and a slice of lemon, it’s actually pretty delicious. It feels thicker on the tongue, with an earthy tang. There’s definitely something about the gin you can’t quite put your finger on, but I personally can’t tell it’s asparagus.

bottles of Hussingtree gin
(Hussingtree Gin/PA)

But who cares? With lots of ice and a little garnish, it slips down pretty fabulously, and provides the perfect ice-breaker for any gatherings you might be holding.

Oh – and in case you were wondering, it doesn’t make your wee smell like asparagus! It’s the early summer snifter you never knew you needed.

Hussingtree Asparagus Gin is available from for £24.95 for 35cl (£41.50 for a full-size bottle).

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